Cartridges for vaporizers

Portable vaporizers cartridges are offered with a wide variety of flavors (fruits, mint, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, etc.) and in various concentrations of nicotine. According to the model of portable vaporizers, cartridges according to the cigarette type can vary between 40 and 400 blanks (remember that a traditional cigarette is about 10 to 12 blanks).

The cartridge of portable vaporizers contains a small piece of absorbent material impregnated with the taste and the concentration of nicotine that we desire.portable vaporizer vaporplants cartredge

The cartridge is the top of a portable vaporizer (which matches the filter of a traditional cigarette) and is in contact with the atomizer to provide the moisture required for steam production. Traditionally, are black, white or brown, and we can find portable vaporizers of two types, cylindrical and in the form of “pico de canard.” Current online smokers prefer the cartridge in the method of “pico de canard” for several reasons:

The inhalation is better because, by the position of the lips, it does not allow another air intake than that of the mouthpiece.
It is easier to hold it with your teeth.
The diameter of the portable vaporizers is higher than the conventional one, which makes the cylindrical cartridges more uncomfortable when taken into the mouth.
The cartridges are purchased for “ready to use” filled with liquid flavor and the amount of nicotine we want. When a cartridge was expended, only throw it away and replace it with a new cartridge.

It is essential not to “tighten” the cartridges as much as possible, when you notice that the amount of steam is considerably reduced (and that the battery is load), it is time to change it for another, the atomizer needs moisture from the cartridge. The cartridge “dries” by use, the atomizer loses moisture and could overheat and even burn, even if the cartridge is worn and we continue to vaporize, we can notice a “burnt” taste.

We recommend the use of NICOTINE WITHOUT cartridges.

In our shop, you can find cartridges in boxes of 5 units, with or without nicotine and different flavors, cartridges with nicotine have a low concentration (12mgr).

Each cartridge equals 12/15 traditional cigarettes, a box of cartridges would be the equivalent of 3.5 packages of conventional tobacco.

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