The Atomizer

The Atomizer for vaporizer
The Atomizer for vaporizer

What is an ATOMIZER?

The atomizer is the cornerstone of the portable vaporizer. It is located in the center of the apparatus, between the battery and the cartridge, and is the component responsible for producing the steam we inhale.

Actually, should not be called atomizer since it does not atomize anything. It is usually a metal mesh accompanied by a simple heating resistance in the form of spring, which can sometimes carry fiber inside.

Different Types of Atomizers

What is your function?

Its function is really simple, by sucking the air through the nozzle, the battery activates, heats the atomizer for vaporizer, and this causes the liquid in the nozzle to become hot in the vapor we inhale.

How long does an atomizer last?

atomizer vape
atomizer vape

The truth is that the atomizers are quite delicate, and they end up spoiling with the use in a matter of few months, depending on the intensity of use and the way to vape with the vaporizer pen. Warranties usually cover manufacturing defects, but not wear and tear. It is very important that you do not use an atomizer if you notice that it may be in bad condition. We recommend always to have a spare battery + atomizer, since it is essential that if you are replacing the portable vaporizer with the traditional, never run out of components since you would end up smoking again.

On the website, you can find a very interesting post where you talk about “What you should know before you start to vaping” and among many other things speak extensively of the atomizers.

How to lengthen the life of my atomizer?

Do not use the portable vaporizer in the same way as a traditional cigar. Make long, soft strokes, that’s the right way to smoke your portable vaporizer. It is a habit that every person has to find and get the best of it.

Excessive use of the portable vaporizer, making too slow shedding, short and quick shifts one after the other, or too short breaks between inhalations have an adverse impact on the life of the atomizer, failure to follow these instructions can lead to defects.

Usage tips

The first sheds after a cartridge change can lead to an unpleasant taste (such as plastic), it is advisable not to inhale those first huts (2-3) until that taste disappears, not because it is dangerous or much less but by the unpleasant taste.

If we are going to “vaping” with cartridges of different flavors, it is advisable to have several different atomizers not to mix the flavors, since it combined with the same atomizer can produce an unpleasant taste. We advise having at least three atomizers, one for tobacco or mentholated flavors, one for fruit and one more as a spare.

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