The battery for vaporizers

The battery for vaporizers

battery for vaporizers

The battery usually occupies most of the portable vaporizer. Its interior has a rechargeable lithium battery, an electronic component for its operation, and an LED light at its end that simulates the tip of a cigarette and illuminates when the device is used (for each print). At the other end, the vaporizer has a metallic thread that attaches it to the atomizer.

Battery types

Those who operate automatically carry a sensor that turns on when they notice that you blow the air and the manual operation, move a button to activate them with your finger, sometimes the button is in the atomizer and not in the battery, but is not common.

Batteries manually and automatically for vapes

First use of the portable vaporizer or change to a new battery

It is essential that before the first use, a battery charged for at least five consecutive hours (even if the green indicator indicates it is charge), this simple gesture will prolong the life of the battery. Then it’s enough to charge it for several hours every time you need it.

Battery life – How long does a battery last?

vape battery

It is not possible to ensure the battery life. Depending on the model, the hours we recharge, our load habits, etc. Even so, and for guidance, batteries usually last for several months. As with any battery we know (mobile phones, etc.), the performance will be diminished over time; we will realize that the charge time will be lower and lower.

How often do I need to charge the battery?

The length of power can vary greatly from one model to another and also in the same product throughout its lifetime, but normally its duration is between 3 and 7 hours. We will notice immediately when the battery was discharge because the LED at the end of the battery will blink repeatedly.

Tips for using the battery

Slightly screw on the battery, DO NOT screw it too tightly.

The battery is lithium and must be charged only with the included charger.

Another type of power supply cannot replace the battery provided with the portable vaporizer. DO NOT use other brands!

Do not leave the charger plugged in unnecessarily when it is not charging it is recommended to disconnect it from the mains.

Portable vaporizer should not be in the mouth uninterrupted and should not crack continuously; the battery could not stand it.

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